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On-the-ground Perspective

When it comes to financing, a deep knowledge of the local market is invaluable. Through our private lending arm, Synergy Funding, our local experts provide an on-the-ground perspective on what properties are worth and how to best fund them. Leveraging our years of real estate experience and expertise, we offer customized financing solutions to best fit the needs of our clients across various markets.

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Bridge Loans

Real estate Bridge loans are short-term in nature and suitable for all property types. They fulfill a variety of needs such as a quick turnaround for acquisitions or financing for properties in transition.


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Brick facade


Ideal for rehab projects, Renovation loans allow investors or development professionals to acquire property in disrepair and perform the needed work ahead of a refinance or sale. We can finance up to 90% of the loan to cost and are committed to fast advances to speed up projects.


We will work with your bank or larger institutions to find Mezzanine capital solutions that make sense for your project or investment.


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