Diners eating, drinking and having a good time at Mariel in Boston, MA

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Because Synergy calls the greater Boston market home, we are an ideal partner for clients in the hospitality industry.

We’ve built our company by welcoming the world to our area, and we’re here to help hospitality operators secure the funding to welcome their own guests. One of the areas where we focus is restaurants. We invest in them because we understand the synergy between our community and our buildings – and the way restaurants enhance both.

It’s one of the ways that we support concepts that enhance our buildings and the experiences they’re able to offer. It is an example of how we’re always looking for new opportunities and new ways to create value – and new partners in doing so.

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Featured Hospitality Properties

Bostonia Public House Boston, MA


Bostonia Public House is an elegant renewal of a classic meeting place that celebrates the history, traditions, and people of Boston.



Lolita Fort Point is a bustling neighborhood cantina serving playfully authentic interpretations of traditional Mexican cuisine. The dramatic space is dark and rustic, loud with laughter and intimately lit by Murano glass chandeliers, custom stained glass, and flickering candles.

Lolita Fort Point Boston, MA
Mariel Boston, MA


Evoking the lush decadence and energetic spirit of pre-revolutionary Havana, Mariel’s faded beauty and decayed elegance sets the scene for a meticulously curated modern rendition of an elegant restaurant, classic cocktail bar, and vibrant lounge.

As an equity partner, Synergy has brought tremendous accretive value to two of our enterprises. We have always found them to be a straightforward, no-nonsense, professional investor who can be counted on to maintain commitments and exceed expectations, As an integrated company with diverse areas of operations, there have been many times when their access to resources, personnel and general market awareness have moved the needle in a meaningful way and increased profitability for the restaurants in which we have partnered."
Chris Jamison
Chris Jamison
CEO, COJE Management Group Corp.

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